Rename It! Released

Finally, Rename It! has been released!

1. Introduction

You must love this wizard if you like refactoring. It can help you quickly rename an unit and update its references in the project group.

In the ealier IDEs such as Delphi 7, Just press the shortcut key (By default, it’s Ctrl+Shift+U) insteading of using “Save AS”, and the refactoring will be finished in a second. In the newer IDEs such as Delphi 2007, You will be notified when a module was renamed in the project manager and the refactoring can be performed automatically.

Futher more, the old module files and its corresponding dcu file could be moved into the Recycle Bin if exist.

2. Which versions are supported?

Delphi 7, 2007, 2010, XE are now supported.

3. Download

5. How to order this product?

Note: There is no license checking in the release. But if you like this tool then you need to order the product when you have used it for more than 15 days.

You can keep it with only $4.99…

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