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Oct. 4th, 2011


  1. Hi,

    I am getting some strange behaviour when I try to use your tool in XE2. I click on method and try to enter some text but it is putting it in the wrong place in the unit and not working properly. Here is an example below. Perhaps you have some suggestion as to how I can get it to work properly.


    Steve Sinclair
    TicsBI400 = class(TWSocket)
    { Private declarations }
    { Protected declarations }
    { Public declarations }
    procedure AFL(Lines: TStrings);
    procedure AFM(LineNo: Integer; Size: TBI400TextSize; Text: string);
    procedure AIB(ButtonTexts: TStrings);
    procedure AMP(DisplayWeight: Boolean);
    procedure AVI;
    procedure CHM(IndependantMode: Boolean);
    procedure FIL(Filters: TBI400Filters);
    procedure IMP(Lines: TStrings); // use strings object property for size
    procedure LCE;
    procedure LCS;
    procedure OUTputs(OutPutStates: TOutPutStates); overload;
    procedure OUTputs(OUTputs: string); overload;
    procedure PAR(Settings: Tbi400Parameters);
    procedure PDC; overload;
    procedure PDC(AChannel: string); overload;
    procedure PDD; overload;
    procedure PDD(AChannel: string); overload;
    procedure PHO;
    procedure RAD;
    procedure RPD;
    procedure RZE;
    procedure RZI; overload;
    procedure RZI(AChannel: string); overload;
    procedure RZP(ClearChoices: Boolean; ClearInputZone: Boolean; ClearButtons: Boolean; ClearLines: string);
    procedure SCC(Prompt: string; InputMaxLen: Integer);
    procedure SVN(Prompt: string; NoDigits, NoDecimalPlaces: Integer);
    procedure TAI; overload;
    procedure TAI(AChannel: string); overload;
    procedure TIC(Output: Integer; Duration: Integer);
    procedure VER;
    procedure WDG;
    { Published declarations }

    procedure Register;


    procedure Register;
    RegisterComponents(‘PMI’, [TicsBI400]);

    /// Used to

    /// Used to di

    /// Used to display a list of choices

    /// Used to display a list of choices
    procedure TicsBI400.AFL(Lines: TStrings);


          1. It’s as is it doesn’t know where it is writing to in the unit. If you notice as I type in the documentation window it is creating new entries in the unit. I type “Used to” it writes that out and when I press space and start the next word it moves down and puts “Used to di” in the unit instead of updating what I have just typed. Also shouldn’t this be in the class declaration and not below it? If I move the cursor elsewhere and put it back on the method it doesn’t pick up the text I entered before.

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