ANN: Documentation Insight V2.3.4.21 Released

This minor update V2.3.4.21 includes the following changes:

Added Fold Documentations
Added Check Updates
Support hyperlink in Exceptions/SeeAlso section
Optimized Load Performance for Documentation Explorer
Show the code elements, which are in implementation section, in Documentation Explorer
Fixed a crash issue when closing IDE
Fixed the issue of hung up on uncompleted generic constraints
Fixed a name resolution issue for generic types (e.g. Nullable`1)
Fixed the installation failure of the customized Help Insight template
Fixed the shortcut of Insert hyperlink (Ctrl+K)


DevJet Software
April 21th, 2012


  1. I’m a very happy user of Documentation Insight.

    However, I would like to be able to extract the documentation for generation of help files.

    Is this a planned feature, or do you have knowledge of ways to accomplish this using other tools? I have investigated the PasDoc utility and doxygen in combination with the pas2dox filter, but both alternatives are quite shaky if you want to take advantage of the features in Documentation Insight

    1. Hi, Thomas, Thanks for your support!
      We have been requested by many customers to provide a documentation solution which can create final help documentation file. e.g. Web pages, CHM, VSDoc,and even third party integration (Help & Manual). However, this part is a huge work and we are actively working on it. It will be available as a standalone product.

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