Documentation Insight Beta 3 Released

Updated Dec. 30th, 2010: Documentation Insight has shipped! please visit here:
1. Introduction
Documentation Insight is an add-in for RAD Studio IDE and it provides a WYSIWYG editor to help you visually view and edit xml documentation.
2. Requirements
* Internet Explorer 7 or higher
* MSXML 6.0
* RAD Studio 2007/2010/XE (Delphi)
3. What’s new in Beta 3?
This release fixed many bugs: (Thanks to John Kaster & GunSmoker)
> Fixed the exception when using the identifier escape character “&”
> Fixed the wrong generated documentation for one-line code style:
var f: string;
class var f: string;
class threadvar f: string;
> Parameters of a routine, which locates in the implementation section, were missing.
> Focus issues
> Replace the non-breaking entity ( ) with a space
> Documentation will be lost when clicking the hyperlink of valueType/returnType
4. Download
(Not available)
5. What’s Next?
We are going to support Delphi 7/2009  and then release the final product. You are welcome to give us any suggestions/ideas.
Thanks for your support!
DevJET Software
Nov. 14th, 2010


  1. The current version of DI is spoiling functioning of layouts in Delphi IDE. After starting Delphi, when we have docked DI window, IDE improperly loading the layout (the layout of remaining windows is wrong).
    It won’t be possible to permanent close the DI window, after every Delphi restart or reloading the layout the DI window appears again.

    ps. Delphi XE (and maybe other too)

  2. Delphi XE. DI messes with region visibility and keeps adding new line, adding indentiation on EVERY save of a topic for a property. The Share-It page should have said that this was beta software… In the current state, this is not fit for production use.

    1. We are so sorry that we noticed that you downloaded the Beta 3 insteading of the final product release. We have updated the old post and we are about to confirm something with you by email.

  3. I did download the release version. You still should point all downloads to the same download page to ensure that there are no stray links to old versions hang around (like it still does for the beta 2 blog entry)

    Your email was received, and I have identified the problem cause (source format dependent). An example for reproducing the problem has been mailed back. Sorry if I sounded harsh. This is a very useful tool, and I look forward to seeing it improve.

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