Documentation Insight V1.x Roadmap

Documentation Insight is an add-in which helps you visually read and write documentation in the Delphi / RAD Studio IDE. It has shipped.

We will keep improving this product. Here is the plan for V1.x:

1. Syntax Parser

  • Extract more metadata such as Parameter Optional/Default
  • Fix bugs in parsing some VCL units (implementation section)
  • Considering support for the {$I} directive
  • Considering support for the {$IF} and {$IFEND} directives
2. Editor
  • Improve the Code Editor
  • Add more short cuts
  • Improve User Experience (KEEP DOING)
  • Support the editing of <threadsafety> and <preliminary> tag.
  • Don’t insert a line break after some keywords such as var, type, private, etc. (DONE)
  • Collapse the generated region when saving doc (*)
  • Add a button to collapse all documentation regions in a source code file (*(DONE)
3. User Manual
  • Write more detailed user manual (chm)
  • Integrate latest Delphi Documentation Guidelines
4. Help Insight Transformation Template (DONE)
  • Provide a customizable template to make Help Insight support the syntax of all tags supported by DI.
  • Better looking and feel
5. Misc
  • Support RAD Studio 2009 (DONE)

Note: (*) These two features seems need extra support from Embarcadero since Open Tools API doesn’t provide any explicit function on some certain region.

We will do our best to achieve these goals but we have to say there is no any guarantee on this roadmap.

If you have any idea or wish, please leave us a message.

Baoquan Zuo (Paul)
DevJET Software


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