Documentation Insight V2.0 Professional is coming

The upcoming robust Documentation Insight V2.0 includes many highlights:

  1. Live Documentation Explorer
  2. Live Spell Check
  3. New XMLDoc Formatting for better readability
  4. Support Unicode Documentation
  5. Support More Code Elements (Project/Package/Library/ResourceStrings/NestedRoutines)
  6. Enhance the Add Hyperlink (Easier to add a code reference)
  7. Enhance automatical links (Especially for generic types. e.g. TDictionary<string, TPerson>)
  8. Integration with latest Enhanced Help Insight template
  9. Integration with latest Delphi Documentation Guidelines
  10. More…

The most significant feature is the Live Documentation Explorer, Here is a snapshot:

Just like a live “MSDN” library, Documentation Insight will instantly construct the structure from selected project files in a second so that it will be much easier to understand a library/application as well as document all code elements in a place. We also plan to allow you to document summary of members of structured types (class, record, interface, etc) in future releases (just like the present way to document enumerated types).

We will announce when the first Beta is available.

Thanks for you continued support, Please stay tuned 🙂


  1. Support More Code Elements (Project/Package/Library/ResourceStrings/NestedRoutines)
    will we finally be able to make use of comments in other packages? found no way to integrate them now.

    1. Do you mean the Help Insight? At present there is no way to complete it as Help Insight is a Delphi feature. We just enhance it as we could.

      The good news is, we are keep investigating on this — Impossible is nothing.

  2. Hi, I have the same question as Tiger above – if I purchase today will I be entitled to a free upgrade to v2? Otherwise, it would presumably make sense to wait until v2 is released before I purchase.

    Many thanks.

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