Feature Matrix

Documentation Insight is available in the following editions:


Allows you to browse live documentation and document source code in Delphi/RAD Studio IDE.


Includes all features in the Professional edition plus allows you to generate rich documentation files and integrate into RAD Studio documentation.

Documentation Insight Feature Matrix
Professional Enterprise
Documentation Inspector yes yes
Documentation Explorer yes yes
Documentation Formatter yes yes
Documentation Validation yes yes
Move Documentation yes yes
Fold Documentation in Code Editor yes yes
Unfold Documentation in Code Editor yes yes
Documentation Styles
Inline XML documentation comments yes yes
External XML documentation files yes yes
Documentation Sections
Summary yes yes
Remarks yes yes
Type Parameters yes yes
Parameters yes yes
Value yes yes
Returns yes yes
Enumerated Type Members yes yes
Exceptions yes yes
Examples yes yes
See Also yes yes
Basic Editor Features
Show Live Documentation yes yes
Toggle between Preview and Design Mode yes yes
Sync with Code Editor yes yes
Go To Definition yes yes
Navigation History yes yes
Premium Editor Features
Bold yes yes
Italic yes yes
Underline yes yes
Strikethrough yes yes
Bulleted List yes yes
Numbered List yes yes
Hyperlinks yes yes
Image yes yes
Definition Table yes yes
Inline Code yes yes
Notes yes yes
Code Snippet yes yes
Live Spell Check yes yes
Custom Region Styles yes yes
Document Member Summary yes yes
Documentation Generation
Documentation Project Wizard yes
Inheritance Hierarchy yes
Inherited Members & Filters yes
Inherited Documentation yes
Default Documentation yes
Syntax Highlighter yes
FileName Policy yes
Table of Contents yes
Index Page yes
Generate Html files (Web pages) yes
Generate CHM file yes
Generate Microsoft Help 2.0 file yes
Generate Help & Manual files yes
Command-line Tool yes
Integrate into RAD Studio Documentation yes
Visual Studio 2012 like Presentation Style yes yes
Enhanced Help Insight template yes yes
Check for Updates yes yes
Unlimited Technical Support yes yes
Subscriptions 12-month subscription (major upgrades & minor updates)
Price (Single Developer)
New Registration €99 ($129) €249 ($319)
Renewal €49/yr €119/yr

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