Some news about Documentation Insight V2.0

You might have noticed that there are so many highlights in Documentation Insight V2.0 which was mentioned in last post. Recently, we have been asked by so many Delphi Developers about the timeline of Documentation Insight V2.

Here are two snapshots to show the power of the new version.

Take #1 You may browse all members in a Namepsace, including classes, structures, interfaces and global functions, etc. All links are live and can be navigated.

The following snapshot shows the member list of a certain type (class/structure/interface), still, you can click a certain member to view its details.


Actually, we were extremely busy on a daily company project in recent weeks which postponed the progress of DI V2.x.  We will continue the development of V2.0 in a few weeks.


Due to the huge work of DI V2, the new price will be adjusted to 99 EURO.

We also decided that if you purchase the V1.x before Dec 1th, 2011, You will be able to upgrade to V2.x for FREE.

Thanks for you continued support, all of you!

Baoquan Zuo (Paul)

DevJET Software

Nov. 11th, 2011


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