ANN: Documentation Insight Update V3.3.6.9

Documentation Insight minor update V3.3.6.9 fixed the following issues: Fixed error ‘Invalid source array’ for UTF8 files (REGRESSION) Fixed error ‘No member declaration found for the symbol.’ in SysUtils.pas Fixed “Catastrophic error” in System.pas Download: If you have any problems about the version, please let us know. P.S. To get early Beta Access at… Continue reading ANN: Documentation Insight Update V3.3.6.9

ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE7)

We have released an update of Documentation Insight 3 with XE7 support and some improvements. Documentation Insight V3.2.9.7 Added: Support RAD Studio XE7 Added: Support IE8 Improved: reghelp.exe now finds h2reg.exe in both local machine & current user Improved: Sort units and other code elements in Table Of Contents by name Improved: DocInsight.exe can now… Continue reading ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE7)

ANN: Documentation Insight Released

Documentation Insight has been released. This minor version includes a few bug fixes: Fixed: Region Caption should ignore special characters ‘}’, ‘*)’ Fixed: Line break may be produced in region caption Fixed: DocEditor shows nothing in Design mode when xmldoc has<exclude /> (IE10+) Fixed: Some Anti-virus software was sensitive with Reghelp.exe Download Now

ANN: Documentation Insight V3.0.12.20

This minor update V3.0.12.20 includes the following changes: Added secondary shortcuts for Cut/Copy/Paste(Shift+Del/Ctrl+Insert/Shift+Insert) A property applied with <event> tag will be also identified as an event Improved Pasting behaviors (Paste & Paste with Formatting) Improved StayOnTop behavior of DocExplorer Fixed a bug where some characters such as ‘<‘ missing when pasting Download