Documentation Insight

The Ultimate Delphi Source Code Documentation Solution

Documentation Insight integrates into RAD Studio IDE to enable you naturally browse and document source code. It also helps you to produce professional API documentation files and deliver to your customers.

The Documentation Inspector, which is a dockable form in RAD Studio, extracts XML Documentation from source code and shows live documentation for the current code element in the code editor. By its impressive WYSIWYG editor, it is incredible easy and fun to document your source code.

Documentation Inspector

Documentation Explorer instantly shows source code structure with documentation. You can browse all API documentation and document all your source code in Documentation Explorer without switching in different units.

Documentation Explorer

It provides a full feature set to help you produce various API documentation files, including:

  • Web pages (Html, Online Sample)
  • CHM
  • Microsoft Help 2 Documentation File
  • Integration into RAD Studio Documentation
  • Help & Manual 5/6
Try it now, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

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