Change Log

Documentation Insight 3 ChangeLog

2017-03-28  V3.6.3.28
* Support Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
* Support identifiers like ‘&&op_implicit’

2016-11-24 V3.5.11.24
Resolved potential IDE startup failure due to hotkey conflict (Ctrl+Alt+N)
Improved the icon on the splash screen

2016-04-11 V3.5.4.11
Support Delphi 10.1 Berlin
Fixed a few url encoding issues

2015-09-01 V3.4.10.7
Fixed error forward declaration without definition
Fixed error untyped file type

2015-09-01 V3.4.9.1
Added: Support Delphi 10 Seattle
Improved: DPI awareness for most Forms/Documentation Generator

2015-06-09 V3.3.6.9
Fixed error ‘Invalid source array’ for UTF8 files (REGRESSION)
Fixed error ‘No member declaration found for the symbol.’ in SysUtils.pas
Fixed “Catastrophic error” in System.pas

2015-04-01 V3.3.4.1
Added: Support XE8

2014-09-07 V3.2.9.7
Added: Support RAD Studio XE7
Added : Support IE8
Improved: reghelp.exe now finds h2reg.exe in both local machine & current user
Improved: Sort units and other code elements in Table Of Contents by name
Improved: DocInsight.exe can now run without requesting Administrator permission
Fixed: Potential encoding issue in CHM generation
Fixed: reghelp.exe may fail to create process in some cases
Fixed: EEncoding raised when a source file is encoded in UTF8 (V3.2.9.6)
Fixed: Exception “Member Declaration not found”
Fixed: Parameters & ReturnType not populated for procedural types

2014-04-15 V3.1.4.15
Added: Support for RAD Studio XE6
Fixed: Character entities (such as <) of inline XMLDoc may be splitted into different lines
Fixed: Unexpected spaces may be added adjacent to punctuations of XMLDoc when wrapping text
Fixed: Compatible Region Directives corrupted when XMLDoc ends with empty tags such as
Fixed: Unbalanced stack or queue operation occurred when incomplete conditional directives ({$ELSE})
Fixed: reghelp.exe doesn’t integrate into RAD Studio XE5 documentation
Improved: DocInsight.exe can now run without requesting Administrator permission

2014-01-10 V3.1.1.10
Fixed: Region Caption should ignore special characters ‘}’, ‘*)’
Fixed: Line break may be produced in region caption
Fixed: DocEditor shows nothing in Design mode when xmldoc has<exclude /> (IE10+)
Fixed: Some Anti-virus software was sensitive with Reghelp.exe

2013-12-20 V3.0.12.20
Added secondary shortcuts for Cut/Copy/Paste(Shift+Del/Ctrl+Insert/Shift+Insert)
A property applied with <event> tag will be also identified as an event
Improved Pasting behaviors (Paste & Paste with Formatting)
Improved StayOnTop behavior of DocExplorer
Fixed a bug where some characters such as ‘<‘ missing when pasting

2013-12-09 V3.0.12.9
Fixed an failure when documentation contains non-ASCII characters (regression)
Fixed the issue where empty line may be produced when formatting documentation
Fixed the issue where whitespace may be trimmed when formatting documentation
Fixed an encoding issue in D7

2013-12-06 V3.0.12.06
Fixed DocInspector may lost focus when writing doc due to the unexpected modification notification from the IDE
Fixed a catastrophic failure caused by DocExplorer
Improved the slowness when writing doc in Design mode

2013-11-23 V3.0.11.23
Fixed an failure when a member was surrounded in a region
Fixed the invalid version info of the installer

2013-11-20 V3.0.11.20
Added Paste as Text (Ctrl+Shift+V)

Auto append row when Insert link in SeeAlso/Exception
Remember last symbol & auto locate when inserting a new link in Hyperlink dialog
Improve mousewheel in Hyperlink dialog
Show vertical scrollbar in Hyperlink dialog
Set OK button as default and handle Enter key in Hyperlink dialog
Auto-locate the containing unit when insert a new link

Fixed bugs
Image was broken in Preview mode
Fixed an AV caused by hyperlink dialog
Insert hyperlink in SeeAlso/Exception DisplayName column will replace all text in the cell
Unable to change code reference in Exceptions by hyperlink dialog

2013-11-16 V3.0.11.16
Fixed bugs:
Live Spell Check doesn’t work when typing
Documentation Inspector may be not auto-focused when shown
Documentation Inspector shows nothing in the implementation of a generic method
Documentation Inspector shows nothing when cursor in local declarations of a method
Documentation Inspector shows nothing when invoked in different unit before
A code reference to another unit (such as ‘Spring|EArgumentNilException’) won’t be automatically located in Hyperlink dialog
A code reference to another unit can not be navigated in DocInspector/DocExplorer

2013-11-14 V3.0.11.14
Fixed: Property overrides doesn’t produce hyperlinks in the Property Value subsection
Added Overrides subsection in topics if an API has an overridden method/property
Added Implements/Overrides subsections to H&M topics
Added missed Help Insight integration (Requires administrator permission)
Updated Help for DI3

2013-11-12 V3.0.11.12
Fixed a serious memory leak
Fixed possible misplacement of documentation
Fixed an Assertion failure when binding unexpected method implementation declaration
Fixed DocInspector always capture focus when OnShow event triggered

2013-11-11 V3.0.11.11
Fixed Possible Invalid type cast error when binding property accessors
Fixed Missing units in TableOfContents for library project
Fixed Caret offset in Design mode with IE11 installed
DocEditor becomes readonly when Go back/Forward/Declaration in design mode
Add hm2go.exe.manifest to request administrator permission

2013-11-09 V3.0.11.9
Add fault-tolerance for class type syntax
Add fault-tolerance for method keywords
Add fault-tolerance for method resolution clause
Check for updates by force

2013-11-08 V3.0.11.8
Write ‘strict’ without private/protected will raise: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values: index.
Write a forward declaration without definition will raise: No member declaration found for the symbol.

2013-11-06 V3.0.11.6
First release (Early Beta)