ANN: Documentation Insight Enterprise Beta (Including Documentation Generator)

We are so pleased to announce the first beta of Documentation Insight Enterprise version. This version includes all features in V2 Professional plus a tool set of Documentation Generator.

Change log:

V2.6.8.15 (Beta)
– Documentation Project wizard
– Generate Web page files which includes html files, table of contents and index page with a search box.
– Generate CHM file
– Generate Microsoft Help 2.0 file (Requires Microsoft Help 2.0 Compiler distributed with VS2003-2008)
– Documentation Generator Command line tool (DocInsight.exe)
– Register tool to integrate a Microsoft Help 2.0 file into RAD Studio Documentation (reghelp.exe)
# Fixed a parsing issue (type of identifier)

It is strongly recommended that you see the following Tutorial topic to know all these new stuff:

How to Generate Delphi Code Documentation Files in Documentation Insight

All prepaid customers will receive upgrade license in hours.

Special Discount in August (Before August 31th, 2012)

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It should be noticed that this is still a beta version. If you have any problems, please write to us:  [email protected]

Known Issues:
* Delphi 7 will be supported soon (Highest priority)
* DocInsight.exe might not be shown when you run it and then click the taskbar icon twice.
* The topic web pages can’t be scroll in iPad+ Safari
* Generic types which contains more than one type parameters can’t be automatically linked in syntax definition
* Some Web browsers (Chrome) has restricts for local web pages which make index page and auto scroll feature useless


  1. Hello Paul,

    Great tool! I have been waited for it since long time.

    Two things (I know it’s still a Beta):
    1. HTML Output: On the Index-Page, if I click on an Item, the Result-Page appeares at the left AND at the right side (so two times the same)
    2. In the HTML and the CHM Output (I haven’t tested the HxS) I miss my functions and procedures from the private declarations, with the public declarations it is working fine.

    Tested with a german Delphi XE2 under a german Windows 7 32-bit system.

    Best regards

    1. Thanks, Thomas. The DocGen is indeed much complicated than I thought 🙂

      1) Reproduced, it should be introduced in latest update. Mark as must-fix in next update.
      2) We plan to add a Show Private Members option in DocGen.

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