ANN: All DevJet products are FREE to all Embarcadero MVPs – FOREVER

We love Delphi and most of us are trying to produce positive energy in Delphi community just like these guys in the Embarcadero MVP Program. We are very grateful for your effort and we have just made a decision: All DevJet products are free to all Embarcadero MVPs – FOREVER All Embarcadero MVPs may request free access to DevJet Software products. If you are in the MVPs and you like our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us ([email protected]).

At present, Documentation Insight Enterprise version is available for all MVPs. We will have several interesting products in later months and feel free to contact us when they are available if you are interested in them.

About the license: Each MVP can request one FREE license of Documentation Insight. You may use the license in your own commercial projects. However, you may not use the license in the company.

Updated: This announcement is also applicable for TeamB members. (

Baoquan Zuo (Paul)
DevJet Software


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