ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE6)

We have released a minor update for Documentation Insight, with the following changes:

2014-04-15 V3.1.4.15
Added: Support for RAD Studio XE6
Fixed: Character entities (such as <) of inline XMLDoc may be splitted into different lines
Fixed: Unexpected spaces may be added adjacent to punctuations of XMLDoc when wrapping text
Fixed: Compatible Region Directives corrupted when XMLDoc ends with empty tags such as
Fixed: Unbalanced stack or queue operation occurred when incomplete conditional directives ({$ELSE})
Fixed: reghelp.exe doesn’t integrate into RAD Studio XE5 documentation
Improved: DocInsight.exe can now run without requesting Administrator permission



  1. Seems like DocInsight.exe really doesn’t “NEED” administrator permission anymore. However since the embedded manifest still requests it, not much has changed.
    (I’ve replaced the manifest resource using a version with “asInvoker” –> seems to work)

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