ANN: Documentation Insight Donation Program for Open Source Projects

Updated: DevJet Software Donation Program

It is said that every programmer would like to read documentation but they don’t like writing documentation themselves ūüôā

Many open source projects lack of documentation. Personally I have used several open source projects but it often happens that I can’t understand the exact usage of an API (such as a class/method/property) so that I have to stop to go through the entire framework to guess it. ¬†It is not doubtful that a well documented project will make users much easier to understand and use the project.

As the leading code documentation solution in Delphi world, DevJet Software would like to do something that could make our community better. If you are the owner/major committer of a qualified open source project in Delphi, you may join our Donation program just like the following excellent projects:

Project Description
CodeSiteEx An extension of CodeSite.
DelphiCodeToDoc An open source documentation generator for Delphi, support basic javadoc tags.
DelphiCodeCoverageWizard A simple wizard to setup and build scripts for DelphiCodeCoverage.
DelphiHtmlWriter A Delphi-based class library that enables the developer to create HTML and HTML documents.
DWScript Pascal scripting component
delphi-oop Object oriented programming library for Delphi >= 2010
Delphi Spring Framework Dependency Injection Framework and more.
DORM A mordern ORM framework targets Delphi 2010+ platform.
DSharp DataBindings for Delphi and more.
hcOPF An Object Persistent Framework written in Embarcadero’s Delphi (Object Pascal)
Maps4Delphi Using the complete Google Maps API in Delphi applications by direct access to all JavaScript objects, methods and functions.
OmniThreadLibrary OmniThreadLibrary is a simple to use threading library for Delphi.
tiOPF An open source Object Persistent Framework for Delphi and Free Pascal
TChromeTabs Delphi implementation of Google Chrome’s tabs.
TurboPower Abbrevia A compression toolkit for Embarcadero Delphi, C++ Builder, and Kylix, and FreePascal.
VCL Styles Utils A collection of classes and style hooks, which extend and add new features to the VCL Styles (introduced in Delphi XE2).

Application Form

Please write to us at [email protected]¬†with the subject Documentation Insight Donation Program and the following content:

Project Name:
Project License:
Description: (One line short description)
License: Documentation Insight Enterprise

[Contact Information]
Role in the project:

You will get response within one week. We will create a free order and email you with a link when your project is regarded as qualified.

Terms of Use

1. The applicator, which is a legal natural entity, owns the donated license. You can use the license in the open source projects as well as your own commercial projects. However, you can not use the license in your employer’s¬†company.

2. You have no obligation to broadcast Documentation Insight or leave hyperlinks in the generated documentation, however we will say thanks to you if you are happy with our products and would love to do that.

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