Documentation Insight V2.7.10.18 Released

This minor update includes several important bug fixes and enhancements:

V2.7.10.18 2012-10-18
+ Readded the Reload tool button (Shortcut: F5)
* adjust the min-height of section content in design mode
* Improve style of image (no-border, auto-scale)
* improve definition table (trim white spaces of term, support rich text in description)
* Improve the usability of Cut/Delete a Table/Note/Code Snippet
# AV error raised when clicking Hyperlink in some cases
# AV error raised in DocExplorer when selecting an entity removed in source file
# Interface not supported error raised in DocExplorer
# Unspecified error raised when pressing F5 in Design Mode
# Image won’t be saved when the src attribute contains spaces (encoded to %20)
# Missing documentation when inserting an image as a standalone paragraph
# Missing documentation when a section tag contains only one code reference without display name
# Missing Icon when inserting a code snippet

[Documentation Generation]
+ Support local image and other file types specified in the href/src attributes of <a>, <img> elements
+ Support html elements <a>, <img> for H&M
# No application icon in Taskbar
# failed when current work directory is not the same as the application
# The results form doesn’t hide even specified “silent” option

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