Welcome to DevJET.net

Hello, everyone!

We are very happy to announce the DevJET.net. Our mission is to provide some modern & robust application frameworks and productivity utilities to simplify and boost your daily software development.

At present, we are still working on the open source spring4d project and preparing for the next release. You are welcome to give us any feedback. Another good news is, Alex, who is the author of the DeHL project, and I have decided to merge the DeHL project to spring4d and join forces to build the best framework for our Delphi community.

There are so many things in our to-do list so we need your voice. Please feel free to give a vote. Our official forum is here.

While developing the spring4d project we have made the following two interesting productivity products:

1. Documentation Insight

Provides a WYSIWYG plugin to view and edit xml documentation in the IDE.

2. Rename It!

Help you quickly rename an unit and update its references in the project group.

We are about to release the first beta of the Documentation Insight. Here are some snapshots:

> Reading Mode

Provides visual representation of documentation while exploring a source code file.  At the moment, only xml style documentation is supported.

> Editing Mode

With Documentation Insight, it is extremely easy to edit xml style documentation. You must love it once you have a try.

You should get the basic ideas from the snapshots. Please leave us a message if you are interested in it.


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