Documentation Insight Beta 2 Released

Updated: Documentation Insight has shipped, please visit the product page.

1. Introduction

Documentation Insight is an add-in for RAD Studio IDE and it provides a WYSIWYG editor to help you visually view and edit xml documentation.

2. Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • MSXML 6.0
  • RAD Studio 2007/2010/XE (Delphi)

3. What’s new in Beta 2

+ Integrate with VCL help documentation (Preview).

+ More region styles (Customizable Caption or summary snippet).

+ Added a Shortcut Key (It’s Ctrl+Shift+D by default) to show/hide DI.

+ Added an option to insert line break before documentation to make code look beautiful.

+ Added an menu to explore syntax parser logs

* All unknown section tags will be reserved when saving documentation.

* Find nearest code element in the forward direction. (Interface section)

# Bug Fixes:

  • AV exception raised when closing a model view.
  • Option: Minimum lines of documentation (Thanks to Tygrys)
  • Parameters/Typeparameters missed when the count of the <param>/<typeparam> tags are mismatched from declared (Thanks to John Kaster)
  • Some Syntax Parser bug fixes

4. Download

Updated: This beta is not available, Please download the latest version from the Downloads page.)

5. Additional Information

Here is a snapshot to demonstrate the integration with VCL help documentation (Delphi XE). Enjoy it!

Note: You need to make sure that your local VCL help documentation has been correctly installed in order to try this feature. Documentation Insight just extracts necessary information from local help, the copyright of the contents belongs to Embarcadero.


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