Documentation Insight 3 Roadmap

Documentation Insight is a very popular code documentation solution for Delphi.  The latest version is Documentation Insight 3. To our surprise, more than 90% customers with Documentation Insight Enterprise subscription have renewed their subscriptions before they were expired.

By the coming of the X’mas & New Year, we published the roadmap of Documentation Insight 3. If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to leave comments or write to us ([email protected]).

Disclaimer: This information describes DevJet Software’s general product direction at this time, and should not be relied on in making a licensing decision. The future development, release, pricing and timeing of features and functionality remains at our sole discretion and may be changed at any time without notice.

1. Migration Tools

We have been requested by several users to help them migrate Doc-O-Matic/JavaDoc/Native comments to XMLDoc/Separated Documentation files. This feature is high priority.

2. Consider first-class support for JavaDoc & Native comment styles

3. Add PDF output

4. More tags and more information

Inherited <author>, <version>, <since> tags. Extract platform information, required packages, exports section, component icons, type hierarchies page, etc.

5. Customization of Table Of Contents

Allows you customize project name, the structure of the TableOfContents.

6. Improve the integration with other Help Authoring Software

Access topics/Insert a topic link to a H&M master project.

7. Hyperlinks to RAD Studio library symbols

Resolve symbols of RTL/VCL/FMX etc libraries and produce hyperlinks to online/offline RAD Studio Documentation.

8. Inherited documentation in DocInspector/DocExplorer

9. Insert Hyperlink with Live Search

10. Improve the Spell Checker (Checking spelling ONLY against content editable text)

11. Keep improving the underlying compiler

12. Keep improving the documentation editor & integration

e.g. Easier to change note type, code language, etc.

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Thanks for your continued support.  May we wish you Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

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