ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE7)

We have released an update of Documentation Insight 3 with XE7 support and some improvements. Documentation Insight V3.2.9.7 Added: Support RAD Studio XE7 Added: Support IE8 Improved: reghelp.exe now finds h2reg.exe in both local machine & current user Improved: Sort units and other code elements in Table Of Contents by name Improved: DocInsight.exe can now… Continue reading ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE7)

ANN: About Documentation Insight Express Edition

Documentation Insight makes it much easier to document Delphi source code. It helps you produce professional API documentation output (Online Sample) in various formatting and integrate your own API documentation into RAD Studio documentation. As some users inquired, We offered the free Express edition which was integrated as a Third-Party Add-In since RAD Studio XE2. However,… Continue reading ANN: About Documentation Insight Express Edition

ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE6)

We have released a minor update for Documentation Insight, with the following changes: 2014-04-15 V3.1.4.15 Added: Support for RAD Studio XE6 Fixed: Character entities (such as <) of inline XMLDoc may be splitted into different lines Fixed: Unexpected spaces may be added adjacent to punctuations of XMLDoc when wrapping text Fixed: Compatible Region Directives corrupted… Continue reading ANN: Documentation Insight Released (Support XE6)

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Documentation Insight Subscription Migration

Documentation Insight has been switched to subscription model for a while. Old non-subscription orders have been just imported to Subscriptions on FastSpring. Please be assured NO payment information is associated with the imported subscriptions. The start date of your imported subscription is the original purchase date. The customers, those who purchased Documentation Insight before March… Continue reading Documentation Insight Subscription Migration

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ANN: Documentation Insight Released

Documentation Insight has been released. This minor version includes a few bug fixes: Fixed: Region Caption should ignore special characters ‘}’, ‘*)’ Fixed: Line break may be produced in region caption Fixed: DocEditor shows nothing in Design mode when xmldoc has<exclude /> (IE10+) Fixed: Some Anti-virus software was sensitive with Reghelp.exe Download Now

ANN: Documentation Insight V3.0.12.20

This minor update V3.0.12.20 includes the following changes: Added secondary shortcuts for Cut/Copy/Paste(Shift+Del/Ctrl+Insert/Shift+Insert) A property applied with <event> tag will be also identified as an event Improved Pasting behaviors (Paste & Paste with Formatting) Improved StayOnTop behavior of DocExplorer Fixed a bug where some characters such as ‘<‘ missing when pasting Download

Documentation Insight 3 Roadmap

Documentation Insight is a very popular code documentation solution for Delphi.  The latest version is Documentation Insight 3. To our surprise, more than 90% customers with Documentation Insight Enterprise subscription have renewed their subscriptions before they were expired. By the coming of the X’mas & New Year, we published the roadmap of Documentation Insight 3. If you have… Continue reading Documentation Insight 3 Roadmap

Documentation Insight 3 Sneak Preview #2

In previous preview, we experienced some brand new features in Documentation Insight 3, such as VS2012 presentation style, Inherited Documentation, Syntax Highlighter, Inheritance Hierarchy, etc. In this one, we will see two parts: Part 1. Additional features about Documentation Generation. 1. FileName Policy The new documentation generator supports three policies on file name generation: * Signature… Continue reading Documentation Insight 3 Sneak Preview #2